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Huddersfield woman named charity's respect champion

A Huddersfield woman has been named charity Making Space's respect champion of the year

Huddersfield woman named charity's respect champion

"Bunty epitomises respect for herself and for others"
Wendy Johnson, Making Space

A Huddersfield woman has been named respect champion of the year by a national charity.

Bunty Watson was given the award by Making Space in recognition of the respectful attitude she shows towards herself and other people.

Ten years ago, whilst undergoing treatment for the immune system cancer Hodgkin lymphoma, Bunty was the first to admit that she smoked too much and ate more than was good for her.

But now the 43-year-old mother of one is a picture of good health, having swapped her nicotine habit for a gym pass and putting her takeaway and chocolate cravings firmly behind her.

Wendy Johnson is caretaker and a support worker at Making Space's Clara Street Supported Housing, where Bunty has lived since 1997. She said: " As Bunty made her recovery from cancer, I have watched in awe as she gradually made huge changes to her life.

"She now eats a healthy diet, regularly goes to the gym and is slim, fit and active. She recognises that being creative and socialising are important for her mental health and is an active member of many groups, including drama and dance.

"But it's never just about her own wellbeing with Bunty. She is always the first to contribute at tenants' meetings, whether it's finding spare chairs, cleaning up or bringing treats. She's someone who can be relied upon. And with her green fingers and artistic eye, Clara Street is overflows with hanging baskets and beautiful pots of flowers.

"To me, Bunty epitomises respect for herself and for others."

Bunty said: "I now eat wholefood not junk food and love the regular body combat classes I attend at the gym.

"I think an award for respect is the best kind of accolade you could win as it stands for everything that is important in life. It means a lot to me".

Making Space supports almost 13,000 people around the country, through its supported housing schemes, extra care facilities, dementia support services, mental health drop in sessions, carer support and respite care.

The Making Space Awards celebrated the achievements of the people they support as well as their volunteers. Bunty's award was one of five handed out at the charity's Celebration of Happiness event at Blackpool Tower Ballroom.