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The Brink’s in-house choir records inspirational recovery CD

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The Brink’s in-house choir records inspirational recovery CD


Following the success of its weekly audio assemblies, The Brink’s in-house choir has launched a professionally recorded CD.

Led by Hayli Kincade, the Raucous Caucous Recovery Chorus has teamed up with events manager David Barnicle to produce a series of studio sessions. The aim of the quirky album is to inspire those who are battling from alcohol, drug and food addictions.

Recorded at the popular Parr Street Studios, the CD features a wide variety of original tracks and uplifting renditions such as ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, ‘Something Inside So Strong’ and a mash up of ‘Price Tag/Where is the Love’, as well as exclusive performances from Mick Roach, Jamie Ibison and David himself.

Hayli said: “The choir and I are delighted with the launch of the CD, which will hopefully inspire and motivate the recovery community, whilst entertaining music lovers alike. The group really have put their hearts into the songs, making them even more moving and relatable.

“Not only are the group members building new friendships during their weekly choir rehearsals, they are also recovering from their addictions and depression via a creative means. Therefore, the CD is a celebration of the group’s collaborative efforts in positively transforming their lives.”

The choir was set up to provide support and entertainment for members of the recovery community. As an advanced practitioner in performing arts, specialising in the voice, Hayli uses performing arts to tackle socio-political issues. This unique recovery method aims to improve the choir members’ social skills and increase their self-esteem.

David added: “The recording of the inspirational CD was certainly great fun for everyone that was involved. The Raucous Caucous Recovery Chorus has worked hard to deliver harmonic sounds that are pleasant to the ears as well as the soul – their overall achievement is outstanding.”

The Raucous Caucous Recovery Chorus CD is available to purchase at The Brink and is priced at £1.

Choir rehearsals take place at The Brink every Tuesday between 6-7:30pm.

For more information about The Brink visit www.thebrinkliverpool.com