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The Brink hosts Addiction Awareness Week Gathering

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The Brink hosts Addiction Awareness Week Gathering

"The figures released by YouGov this week are troubling but sadly, they come as no surprise to us here at The Brink. "
Carl Bell, General Manager at The Brink

The Brink has opened it’s doors for a free public workshop during the inaugural Addiction Awareness Week.

The event comes after YouGov released findings that show more than half of Britons (60%) know someone who has suffered with addiction. The research, commissioned by Action on Addiction, the parent charity behind The Brink, highlights the impact that addiction can have, not just on those suffering from the disease, but on friends, relatives and colleagues.

As Liverpool’s first and only dry bar, The Brink hopes that the Addiction Awareness Week Gathering will create a continued open dialogue for those affected to share their experience and learn more about the condition.

The event welcomed people of all ages and walks of life to explore addictive behaviours around caffeine, technology and sex as well as more commonly recognised addictions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling.

General Manager at The Brink Carl Bell said: “The figures released by YouGov this week are troubling but sadly, they come as no surprise to us here at The Brink. Since we opened in 2011, we’ve supported hundreds of people through recovery from addiction and we’ve seen the wider impact that the condition can have on their friends and family. In addition to our recovery programmes we provide support for those affected by addiction through a series of social occasions, sports and entertainment including our football team, meditation, yoga and special events throughout the year.”

The Action on Addiction and YouGov report states that over 70% of those surveyed believe there should be more support for the families of those affected by addiction with The Brink hoping to continue to increase awareness of its widespread, far-reaching impact.

Carl added: “I think there’s definitely a better understanding of the impact addiction can have on family and friends than there used to be. People are much more open about issues such as mental health now and that can only help to break down the stigma around addiction; we’ve seen that firsthand at this week’s event. Building on our Addiction Awareness Week Gathering, we aim to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone who wants to be a part of these discussions going forward.”

As part of the inaugural Addiction Awareness Week, The Brink is serving up a special ‘Duchess Smoothie’ enjoyed by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, a patron of Action on Addiction, during her visit to The Brink in 2012.  The limited-edition smoothie will include Banana, Almond Milk, Almond Butter, Honey and Cream topped with a Slice of Orange.

For more information about The Brink visit www.thebrinkliverpool.com.