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Scott Dodds

Scott Dodds has been in the European IT industry for years and has held senior positions in EMEA and the UK with VMware, Microsoft, Acer and Compaq, before joining Ultima Business Solutions in October .

Technology Business News - Finally reaching the end of lockdown brings a new call for people to return to the office part-time or full-time. While this might be an exciting development for many, businesses need to be aware of the IT risks the office return poses. 1.

Five steps to mitigate the risks of employees returning to work

Technology Business News - While the end may be in sight for full-scale remote working, most companies are looking to continue with flexible working in some form or other. The benefits that both employers and employees have reaped in terms of cost reductions and flexibility are unlikely to be given up quickly.

Moving to the cloud securely remains a significant challenge of flexible working