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Laura Batchelor

Education Business News - Yorkshire based business women, Stefanie Wilkinson and Lou Mycroft have created a new movement called Joyful Education Ltd to help raise the profile of teacher wellbeing and provide solutions to individual educators, as well as education organisations across the country.

Wellbeing Wednesdays created to bring joy and wellness back to educators

Education Business News - The owner and founder of Katie s Classroom has recognised a huge need for this type of learning resource, especially over the lockdown period. Now more than ever our children s Mental health is being challenged by the uncertainties and change that 2020 has thrown at us.

Katie's Classroom launches Mental Health and Wellbeing Flashcards for Childr

Technology Business News - Alongside this, she has worked tirelessly to add to her bank of pocket-size English and Maths revision cards, creating a new range of Spelling boxes including, Phonics Flashcards, High Frequency Word cards and Spelling boxes that include word list cards tricky word cards and homophone cards all in line with the National Curriculum.

Katies Classroom creates new learning resources to help parents with school closures

Technology Business News - These unprecedented times mean that retailers, publishers, educational institutes and hospitals, to name a few, are needing to communicate in a timely and effective manner with all of their stakeholders. SMS has allowed these businesses and entities to stay in contact with their customers, suppliers, employees, students, etc.

Huddersfield-based Voodoo SMS sees significant increase in new customers