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Jacqui Morley

Low maintenance high productivity freelance PR, journalist, pictures, social media support. Former award winning feature chief on local daily. Ex-news Radio City Liverpool. Passionate about people, human interest, hard news, soft sell, no spin - stories that resonate.

The kindness of strangers in a Covid climate

By Jacqui Morley

Jul 28 2020 04:00PM

Food Business News - Our last care parcel arrived today. As with the others - since March - I maintained a vigil and yet again missed the van s arrival. It s been like a modern remake of the Elves and the Shoemaker.. The Distributors and the Food Suppliers. We managed a thank you of sorts last Tuesday. I woke at 6.

The kindness of strangers in a Covid climate

Charity Business News - When you re 110 years old you ve earned the right to stay out late have a proper grown up party. And who needs a telegram from the Queen when you ve just had the Countess of Wessex round reading a special message Sorry, Ma am.

2020 Vision Ball - Lancashire sight loss support charity N-Vision celebrates its 110th birthday!

Charity Business News - There couldn t be a better year to resolve to see what local sight loss support charity N-Vision has to offer - the clue s in the name, Twenty Twenty While many of us enjoy 20-20 vision others live with sight loss significant enough to profoundly affect so much the rest of us take for granted.

Wake up and smell the coffee? Blackpool-based N-Vision already has!

Charity Business News - There s a sign outside the new summer house at the Bosworth Place, Squires Gate base of N-Vision, the Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Society for the Blind. It reads Keith s Cabin. There s a Santa Gnome standing vigil outside wearing a chef s hat.

There's nothing to be done other than carry on until I can't. It's all about living with the positives

Charity Business News - Fancy moving a house INTO your home in time for Christmas to help local sight loss support charity N-Vision, the Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Blind Society One previous owner interior designer, all fittings and fixtures included.

For sale Des Res. One careful owner. Several sitting tenants. Just keep the bottles sealed.

Charity Business News - It s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at N-Vision, Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Blind Society or soon will. The charity s Christmas Fair is being held at the Bosworth Place, Squires Gate, base from 10am to 1pm on Saturday, November 16.

Raise £4k in three hours? Can N-Vision do it? Wait and 'see'!

Charity Business News - Good afternoon, I m the Countess of Wessex and I m visiting N-Vision today to meet clients, staff and volunteers to learn all about the services and support provide for local blind and partially sighted people.

 N-Vision has a new News reader  by Royal appointment (the job's yours if you want it, ma'am!)

Health Business News - National Eye Health Week ends - today. The work goes on for specialist medics. And no matter the day, week, month or year, they need the rest of us to get the message. Three leading local orthoptists have three wishes.

Take three specialist medics and three special wishes as National Eye Health Week ends

Charity Business News - Julie Pilgrim cried when she heard husband Brian was going blind. We had been so active, cycled miles, saw the Lights, played football, gone on holiday, Brian loved to play snooker Today Brian, who developed age related macular degeneration in his early 50s, is a client of N-Vision, which supports 2.

They say 'doctor I'd rather die than lose my sight' - we must prioritise patients

Charity Business News - The writing on the wall said it all at N-Vision s celebratory afternoon tea for more than 100 volunteers at the charity s Squires Gate base at Bosworth Place. We couldn t do it without you. N-Vision, the Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Blind Society, supports 2.

Volunteers - we couldn't do it without you (with love N-Vision)

Health Business News - Sight. It s the sense we value the most yet cherish the least and it s simply not common sense to continue to ignore what s staring us in the face. Sight loss is one of society s health timebombs. The risk of visual impairment is carried almost as an afterthought with some conditions diabetes for one.

Sight is the sense we most fear to lose - yet cherish the least. Why?

Looking forward to seeing you, Ma'am!

By Jacqui Morley

Aug 21 2019 12:00AM

Charity Business News - Looking forward to seeing you, Ma am Trustees, staff and volunteers are delighted that Her Royal Highness Sophie, Countess of Wessex GCVO will visit N-Vision, the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Society for the Blind, in October and it s great news for residents and clients at the charity s Bo...

Looking forward to seeing you, Ma'am!

Charity Business News - Three cheers for Mary Cawley who s taking part in the Three Piers for the first time in the hope of helping others receive the talking newspaper which offered a window on the world to her late grandmother Kathleen Morris who was severely sight impaired.

Three cheers for the Three Piers - and for a grandma making the Talking News in her own right

Hate Crime? So does PC Ian Ashton

By Jacqui Morley

Jul 30 2019 12:00AM

Charity Business News - Hate crime So does PC Ian Ashton. High profile examples of bigotry particularly against the LGBT community have hit the headlines in recent weeks. There s been a furore over Donald Trump s racist slurs against four Democratic congresswomen.

Hate Crime? So does PC Ian Ashton

Health Business News - Imagine not being able to see a loved one s face. Or put a face to a voice when watching a new blockbuster drama on telly. Or learn that you passed someone you have known for years without recognising, let alone acknowledging, them. This is what Mac does for you.

Sight loss - it can happen to anyone. Now these N-Vision regulars are speaking out to help others

Charity Business News - pic of Pauline, Jack and Beverley together Blackpool carer Pauline McCann fell for her brilliant broken man 10 years ago. She knew he was bipolar. She didn t care. Today she s a carer. She s battled for support for him for the last six years. Pauiine needs a break herself.

Not Waving but Drowning - Blackpool's adult carers on 'treading water'

Charity Business News - The most powerful stories are those most difficult to own . We are often asked by media, funders and sponsors to put families forward to tell their stories.

National Carers Week - why the most powerful 'stories' remain untold...

Charity Business News - It s five years five months since I left a daily paper in Blackpool and walked in through the door of Blackpool Carers Centre. Back then staff jostled for elbow room and parking space on a small semi-industrial estate in a building which had once hosted carer events but had long been outgrown by need.

All in all just another brick in the wall? Not Blackpool's carers...

Charity Business News - It s hard to imagine, on first meeting Shannon Flynn, 23, that in February she was so shy she could barely mutter morning to fellow Blackpool Carers Centre workers at Beaverbrooks House.

A voice for young carers - Blackpool's Young Carers Champion speaks out

Charity Business News - Chelsea flower show one day, the back garden of a Blackpool based charity the next. It s not every charity that can boast a former Kew gardener or a current Britain In Bloom judge as their gardener .

Social enterprise life for Alan is just 'blooming' marvellous